Communication is crucial in any project. With proper understanding, both parties will be able to succeed on mounting any activity. Same goes with wedding planning. Both the client and the wedding planner should always be on the same page since every detail pertaining to the BIG Day is essential.

Having said that, the client must also do their part and not let the wedding planner do everything by himself. As much as possible, organizers wanted to have the full details from the client so they can have something to work on. If you are planning your big day, here are some details you need to share with your wedding organizers in Dubai:

  1. What you really want?


Wedding planning all starts with what the clients wants for their BIG DAY. So before you meet up with your wedding planner, you should already have a vision in your mind on how your wedding’s going to be. It can be a theme or specific concept that you envision for your wedding day. To help you formulate this vision, you need to sit down with your partner and decide on what you want. Are you going for a traditional wedding set up? Or you want something out-of-the-box. These ideas will help your wedding planner to plan the event better. You may have to look for references so you can have something to show the organizers upon the initial meeting and compare them with what the event’s team have in mind.


  1. What is your working budget?


The budget is a very important factor in wedding planning but often become the white elephant in the room. This is because some couples are quite hesitant to tell their planners. But on the on-set of the planning, the organizer would need to know your allocated budget so he can determine the scale of the event and what adjustments needed to be done so everything will fit right into your wedding budget.


  1. When the BIG DAY is and what is your expected timeline?


Another important thing that needs to be mentioned is the timetable. You have to remember that wedding planners also have other clients that they need to attend to aside from your and they are juggling their schedules to be able to meet all the clients requirements. By stating your timeline and the date of your wedding, the wedding planner can set the phase of the planning and laid out a timetable to be able to accomplish everything leading to the Big Day.


  1. What are the things they need from your end?


Although wedding planners often ask their clients what else they need, they also appreciate clients that are proactive. This would indicate that they are very much involved even on the planning phase. But do not bother your planner every minute asking the same questions. Give them time to figure out the answer to your inquiries and settle whatever you are asking of them.

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