The International English language testing system, commonly known as IELTS, is a course conceived and designed by language experts from around the world. Today, the test is widely popular due to its versatility and ease of learning. Students are free to choose a coaching institution and can appear in the test after preparations but there is more that you as a student need to know. Here is more that you should know before taking an IELTS test in Dubai:

Know The Basics

Like every test, you need certain skills to appear in an IELTS test. Be very attentive and know how tips to improve your reading ability. You will learn these in the institution so make sure you get the best institution for preparing for the test. Learn how to use italics, underlining, tables, graphs and figures. Also learn how and when to use capital letters. Remember, you have little time to complete the test to pay attention to each section but don’t waste time or you might end up leaving the question.

Remember The Schedule

It would be better if you know your test data and venue beforehand. In the meantime, keep attending your classes and take practice tests if possible. Similarly, check out the venue you’ll be taking your test at. Know the way to the test center so that you don’t get lost on your way to the venue. Reach the venue early and try to make the most out of available time before the test. Revise important points from your preparation and don’t panic when the test starts.

On The Test Day

Finally, your test day has arrived. It is time to be as attentive as possible. Forget about the life you left outside the test venue and pay all attention to the test. Turn off your cell phone as it might divert your attention during the test. Use pencil to fill the answers so that you could erase a wrong answer and fill in the right one. Don’t arrive late on the venue or you might not be allowed to sit in the test room. The test will likely last for 2 hours 4 minutes. There will be no breaks during the test and you are not allowed to leave the examination hall. Keep some refreshments like water and something to eat with you.

Keep these things in mind before appearing in your IELTS test in Dubai.