CCTV camera system plays a big part on keeping a space monitored and secure. Through this equipment, you can man and monitor that space, even when you are not around. But having the equipment is not enough, you need to do a thorough check whether what you will be getting is the best that they offer.


To determine this, you need to ask these questions to your prospective CCTV company.


  • What are the specs of your equipment?

The specs of the equipment is of most importance when you are scouting for a CCTV system. You need to have high quality CCTV equipment that would not only give you wide coverage of the area, but also high quality videos. Before you make any purchases, you might need to see what is the latest security camera system in the market today and what are their specs. Once you start scouting, you can use your research as reference. But you also need to determine your coverage needs as it will also plays a big factor on what type of cameras are needed to achieve maximum coverage.


  • Would there be assistance provided for the installation?

Installation of CCTV system is not an easy job to handle, especially if you are not knowledgeable on the subject matter. There is a high chance that you damage the equipment while installing it. It would be best to have someone that is knowledgeable to do this for you. Usually, CCTV installation companies in Dubai offer this as part of their package. Confirm if there will be personnel to help you on this to ensure correct installation.


  • What is the lifespan of the equipment?

All equipment has a lifespan, given the right care and maintenance. But as consumers, we always want to get the value for the money we paid for in any equipment that we purchase. So when purchasing a CCTV camera system, always ask the longevity of the equipment. How long before you need to replace them given the proper maintenance. You have to remember that state-of-the-art security cameras are not cheap. If you are buying something costly, it should last long compared to its counterparts.


  • Will there be assistance for repairs and replacement?

Sometimes, even though you’ve given your equipment proper care, there are moments when something unfortunate happens and it will damage or gets broken. Finding the right replacement or spare parts is not an easy feat, be sure that the CCTV company where you purchased the equipment has spare parts available and has people to do the repairs and replacement.

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