Being a new mom is an exciting phase. Just the thought of holding that little bub makes you beam with excitement. But once the stork has arrived, it might be a different story – a very different story.

If you are a new mom struggling to care for your newborn baby, here are some tips that might help you deal with your new motherhood phase:

  • Get some help

Remember that you just finished delivery and labor, and it is not an easy task. If you will try to do all things by yourself after delivery, you will find yourself too exhausted to care for your newborn baby. Do not hesitate to ask for help. You can ask a relative or a friend to help on taking care of your little one or you can get the services of home care nursing in Dubai to assist you on your baby. These professionals have years of experience on handling newborn babies and trained to help new moms.


  • Let your baby bond with their dad

Some moms feel quite protective of their little ones, even to the dads. Let your partner hold your little one, even for just a couple of hours. Dads would be able to give your little one the warmth they needed and also to give them time to bond. Babies also need to recognize and get used to their dad’s scent so they can be comfortable with someone other than you. It will also give you the time to relax and get rest. Remember that you need all the time you need to rest so you can take this chance by letting your partner take care of them for a few hours in a day.


  • Ease your baby to sleep

Sleeping is one of the main problems of new moms and newborn babies as their sleeping pattern is quite different from yours. Be patient on easing your baby to sleep. Some parents have this trick of caressing their little one’s nose until the fall asleep. You can try this trick if it works for you. There are lots of ways to put your little ones to sleep, see which of these would be effective for you and your baby.


  • Keep an eye on what your baby is telling you

Babies do not have the capability to communicate with words just yet. But they have their own ways of telling you want they are feeling. You just have to be keen on observing these signs. Crying is their one way of communicating with you. Crying can be lots of things – from hungry, needing comfort or diaper change. Be sure to watch out for these signs so you would know what your baby thoroughly needs.


  • Make sure your bub is comfortable

Babies are usually well-behaved if they are comfortable. So be sure that they are comfy at all times – from their clothing to their crib.


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